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Accountants, Attorneys, and Financial Professionals Increase Office Efficiencies with Connect2A

Indianapolis, IN, July 02, 2001 -, LLC releases its internet application service, which includes a customizable electronic personal information form. Connect2A is designed for accountants, attorneys, and financial professionals (Professional Advisors) to gather, share, and update their clients' personal and financial information. The service increases office efficiencies and professional collaboration during the planning, lifetime maintenance, and after-death administration of a client's financial and/or estate plan.

Professional Advisors will now be able to offer their clients the convenience of a customizable electronic personal information form by becoming a member of Connect2A. Each web page a client views includes the logo of the Professional Advisor. The Professional Advisor grants their potential or existing client access to the service. The service then walks the client through completing all the personal and financial information necessary for an initial meeting. The client may then share the collected information with other Professional Advisors who are members of Connect2A.

Once the electronic personal information form has been completed, the Professional Advisor can send the collected data to current desktop software applications and automatically populate Broker/Dealer and other forms increasing efficiency by eliminating duplicate data entry.

After the initial planning stage, Connect2A serves as a central database for the client and their team of Professional Advisors to share, track, and update the client's personal and financial information for annual or more frequent meetings.

"With the increasing popularity of the internet, the clients that we have introduced the Connect2A service to are very excited about using the service to manage and maintain their data with their team of advisors," says Brian A. Eagle, J.D., CEO of, LLC and managing attorney of the Indianapolis office of the law firm Eagle and Fein.

"With Connect2A, we are able to decrease the amount of time it takes to prepare for initial meetings with clients by exporting the collected information to our financial planning software," says David B. Stocker, CFP, President of Connect2A.Com, LLC and President of Wealth Strategies, Inc.

About, LLC:, LLC specializes in electronic storage, sharing, tracking, and transmission of data to increase office efficiencies in the financial service industry. was founded in August, 2000, by Sidney Eagle, J.D., Brian A. Eagle, J.D., and David B. Stocker, CFP.

Sidney Eagle and Brian A. Eagle are the managing attorneys for the law firm Eagle & Fein, with offices in Indianapolis and New York City. They are fellows of the Esperti Peterson Institute, Adjunct Professors of The Academy of Multidisciplinary Practice at Michigan State University, and co-authors of the highly acclaimed books, Legacy, Plan, Protect & Preserve Your Estate, 1996, Esperti Peterson Institute and Generations, December 1998, Esperti Peterson Institute.

David B. Stocker is president of Wealth Strategies, Inc. with offices in Muncie and Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a member of the advisory board for the Entrepreneurial Studies Program at Ball State University and co-author of Wealth Enhancement & Preservation, 2nd ed., Esperti Peterson Institute and 21st Century Wealth, Quantum Press, LLC.

Jim VanBuskirk, Vice President of Marketing, LLC

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