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Membership Includes:

Your Firm's Logo within the application - We will place your Logo on the top of each web page viewed after login by you, your associate or staff members, your potential clients, and all clients that you grant access to the Connect2A Service.
Example: Single Member Logo

Make your Website Interactive - By utilizing the link on our FAQ section, you can enhance your exhisting website and make it interactive with your clients. New and existing clients can be directed to your website's Personal Information Form Button that will link them to our Connect2A login page. Once they enter the Connect2A Service, your logo/banner will be prominatly displayed on every page they view within the Service. Your logo/banner can also be linked back to your website.

Unlimited use of the Electronic Personal Information Form - Your new clients may complete your customized personal information form over a secure internet site. The personal information form may be customized for your own unique questions and cashflow/budget items. This is the information you would normally collect from the client before or at your initial meeting.
Example: Unlimited use of Personal Information Form

Increase your Office Efficency - After the client enters their information, Connect2A then becomes a Data Manager. You or your staff can then download this information into your current desktop software solutions. (i.e. Client Relation Management, Document Creation, Trust Funding Software/services, and Estate/Financial Planning).

Collaborative Team's Logo within the Application - Create your Clients Private Advisor Network. The logo/banner of up to three Professional Advisor's (Accountant, Attorney, and Financial Advisor) can be displayed on each webpage their client views. Each client will view the logo/banners of their individual advisor team.
Example: Professional Team Logo

Share Data Collected with Your Collaborative Team - You are able to collect the personal and financial information for your clients and direct the sharing of their data to your collaborative team members. A client will no longer need to fill out the same data for each professional advisor. Once on the service, the client directs all sharing of their data and can share their data based upon the recommendation of their advisor.
Example: Personal Information
Example: Customized Budget Worksheets
Example: Customized Questionnaire

Top-of-the-Mind Awarness - The Connect2A service is a 24/7/365 Private Advisor/Client Network (PACN), allowing you to create top-of-the-mind awareness with your Clients. The service will constantly remind your clients who is providing them with the knowledge that makes their estate, tax, and financial plan a success. The Connect2a service is priced so that you can provide this to your clients as a Value-Added Service.

Net Worth Aggregation and Tracking of the Clients Financial Portfolio - Membership includes Complete Net Worth Aggregation and tracking of your client's financial portfolio for up to 250 clients per primary member. Pricing information on North American Securities, including Mutual Funds updated on a 24-hour basis. Clients and advisors will have the ability to manually update information such as real estate, cash value of life insurance, closely held business, automobiles, financial transactions not updated automatically, etc. Clients may also update personal information and add or delete assets to keep their portfolio information current, and advisors informed for annual or more frequent meetings. You can become Pro-Active with your Clients Planning needs.

Explanation of the Client's Estate Plan online - The service generates a Net Worth Statement listing each asset by ownership, giving you the capability to allocate and track each asset to the appropriate estate planning tool. The Connect2A service can handle multi-level tracking of assets, for example: an individual can own a trust and the trust can own a business(LLC) and that business can own assets. The Net Worth Statement will then roll all assets and their current value's up to the Family total Net Worth Statement. The portfolio (stocks, mutual funds and variable annuities) are updated each evening with that day's end of market pricing. Data that is not updated automatically (ie: property value's, personal assets and liabilities ect...) may be updated manually by the client or a Professional team member. The service allows you to keep personal information about the clients' family, personal representatives, trustees, guardians, and beneficiaries.

View Your Clients' Real Time Data Anytime, Anywhere - You only need an Internet connection and your browser to be able to login to your database 24/7/365. Clients and advisors in different parts of the world are able to view and update the same data.

Private (encrypted) Message Center connects Clients to their Professional Advisor Team. Similar to e-mail, only this is within the Connect2A service and therefore it is protected by 128 bit SSL encryption. Much safer that standard e-mail. Clients have a direct link to their advisors and advisors can communicate to their clients and collaborative team members.

Reports in the system - Connect2A.Com Membership includes reports necessary for initial meetings and annual or more frequent meetings with clients.

Future Plans

  • Client's Legal online Filing System
  • - Online document/file storage. Store and share documents with your client and their collaborative team of advisors.
  • Paperless Office Institute
  • - Utilizing the Connect2A service to help Professionals (Accountants, Attorneys, and Financial Advisors reduce and/or eliminate paper during the Financial/Estate planning process.
  • Automatic Transaction Updating - Will update all transactional data for your client with no manual updating needed.
  • Virtual Meeting Center for Clients and their Professional Advisor Team
  • - Enhanced features to let you hold online meetings and conferences.
  • Client's Family Picture Album and Family History
  • And More…

Primary Membership

Primary Membership is limited to individuals who are either certified public accountants, attorneys in good standing in one or more states of the United States of America, and/or a financial professional licensed to sell insurance and/or securities and in good standing in one or more states of the United States of America.

Associate Membership

An Associate Member meets one or more of the professional designations listed above for a primary member and is either a partner of the primary member in a partnership providing legal, financial, and/or tax services, a shareholder with a primary member in a common corporate entity providing legal, financial, or tax services, or a member with the primary member in a limited liability company/partnership, providing legal, financial, and/or tax services.

Staff Membership

A Staff Member is an employee of the Primary Member or of the legal entity, partially or wholly owned by the Primary Member, that provides legal, financial and/or tax services. Staff Member also includes an Independent Contractor of the Primary Member or of the legal entity that provides legal, financial and/or tax services, partially or wholly owned by the Primary Member, that shares common office space with the Primary Member in the same city where the Primary Member's principal office is located. strongly recommends a separate user ID and password for each individual the Primary Member desires to grant access to the service. Each member will have his/her own User ID and password to the service. Access to the service may be terminated by the Primary Member at any time.

Membership Fees:

Primary Member Monthly Membership Fee
- $150 per month billed in quarterly installments

Primary Membership limited to accountants, attorneys, and financial professionals.

For more pricing information, please contact at 317-222-1886 or
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