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Connect2A maintains all personal data with appropriate and high-level physical, electronic, and managerial safeguards to insure the security and confidentiality of the data against foreseeable risks. Security is designed to prevent unauthorized use, access, disclosure, destruction, and change of data.

Connect2A's security mission statement – Connect2A recognizes the value of and our dependency on the data, information, and computer systems used in serving the needs of our Members and their Clients. As a part of everyday business it is essential that this information and technical infrastructures are secure from destruction, corruption, unauthorized access and breach of confidentiality whether accidental or deliberate.

Electronic safeguards – Connect2A uses security products and services that meet accepted industry standards. We use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to protect our Member’s and their client’s private and confidential information during transmission over the Web. Connect2A uses a high-level, one-way encryption algorithm to protect passwords. We also use "best practice" logical controls over systems software and hardware to ensure that only authorized personnel have access.

Physical safeguards - Access to Connect2A company head quarters, computing facilities, including servers, telecommunications equipment, the network control center, and other related areas is restricted to individuals identified by Connect2A who need access to perform their jobs. Access by anyone else, including vendors, contractors, and others must be approved in advance by management. Visitors must sign a visitors' log and must be escorted.

Management safeguards - Ultimately, the responsibility for the success of an organization lies with management. Connect2A’s Chief Information Officer and his team maintains a strong computer security program with defined program goals, objectives, and priorities. Senior management is committed to providing adequate resources for security, to making sure that those resources are applied to security, and to doing whatever is necessary to make sure that security is a successful part of the Connect2A operation. Senior managers set a good example for other employees by personally following all applicable security practices.

Connect2A recognizes that security is an essential part of its computer system and its overall success. We also recognize that no one can guarantee complete and perfect security against every possible hazard. We make every reasonable effort to provide high-level security. This includes a continual review of security measures and plans, the use of new technology when available and appropriate, and regular training for our personnel.

Connect2A's backoffice partners that provide financial services all use the same high level of encryption for protecting the flow of identifiable information that moves back and forth to you through Connect2A. If you click through to another website offering products, services, or content, any information that you disclose to that website will be subject to the security policies of that website and not those of Connect2A. Before you provide personal information to other companies, we encourage you to read their security policies.

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