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Connect2A and WealthCounsel form Strategic Alliance to Increase Office Efficiencies for WealthCounsel Members

Indianapolis, IN, March 4, 2002 -, LLC announces a strategic alliance with WealthCounsel. The alliance will enable data from the Connect2A Service, a customizable electronic personal information form and data manager, to integrate with the WealthCounsel Practice System, an estate planning document creation system.

The alliance will increase office efficiencies for law firms across the country that are using the WealthCounsel Practice System by eliminating duplicate data entry. When using the Connect2A electronic personal information form in the initial planning stage of a client's estate plan, an attorney will now send the collected data directly to the WealthCounsel Practice System. In addition, the Connect2A service allows WealthCounsel attorneys to update and track the total net worth, ownership, and beneficiary designations of their client's assets with greater ease and efficiency.

Connect2A is a technology company that focuses on harnessing the power of the internet to increase office efficiencies for accountants, attorneys, and financial professionals. Connect2A has developed an application service that includes a customizable electronic personal information form that serves as a data manager to increase office efficiencies and professional collaboration during the planning, lifetime maintenance, and after-death administration of a client's financial and/or estate plan.

Connect2A and the WealthCounsel will jointly market the Connect2A Service to over 300 WealthCounsel members.

"We are very excited to announce formation of an alliance with the WealthCounsel, LLC. The WealthCounsel Practice System is one of the premier estate planning document creation systems available today. This alliance is a break through for us, as we increase the capabilities of the Connect2A Service. With the WealthCounsel Practice System, we have added another tool to integrate with Connect2A that will increase an attorney's efficiency in the estate planning process," says Brian A. Eagle, J.D., CEO of, LLC and managing attorney of the Indianapolis office of the law firm Eagle & Fein.

"With Connect2A, we are able to offer our members an electronic personal information form and data manager. This allows our attorneys to harness the power of the internet and increase their office efficiencies during the planning and lifetime maintenance of their client's estate plans. Connect2A is the perfect companion to your WealthCounsel Practice System," says Lew Dymond, Jr., CEO of WealthCounsel, LLC.

About, LLC, LLC is a technology company that specializes in electronic storage, sharing, tracking, and transmission of data to increase office efficiencies in the financial service industry. was founded in August, 2000, by Sidney Eagle, J.D., Brian A. Eagle, J.D., and David B. Stocker, CFP.

Sidney Eagle and Brian A. Eagle are the managing attorneys for the law firm Eagle & Fein, with offices in Indianapolis and New York City. They are fellows of the Esperti Peterson Institute, members of the WealthCounsel National Study Group, the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, Adjunct Professors of The Academy of Multidisciplinary Practice at Michigan State University. They are also co-authors of the highly acclaimed books, Legacy, Plan, Protect & Preserve Your Estate, 1996, Esperti Peterson Institute, Generations, December 1998, Esperti Peterson Institute, and Strictly Business, January 2002, Esperti Peterson.

David B. Stocker is president of Wealth Strategies, Inc. with offices in Muncie and Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a member of the advisory board for the Entrepreneurial Studies Program at Ball State University and co-author of Wealth Enhancement & Preservation, 2nd ed., Esperti Peterson Institute and 21st Century Wealth, Quantum Press, LLC.

About WealthCounsel, LLC

WealthCounsel, LLC is known for providing knowledge and tools to the estate planning community. The WealthCounsel Practice System is a HotDocs based document assembly system that enables users to create all of a client's estate planning documents in minutes instead of hours. The document assembly system includes the Living Trust Practice System, Will Practice System, Irrevocable Trust Practice System, Charitable Practice System and Family Limited Partnership Practice System.

A Reviewer of the WealthCounsel Practice System stated, "the WCDAS is the system against which its competition will be measured. In short, I found it to be the most comprehensive and most sophisticated document assembly system specifically designed for trusts and estates practices by trusts and estates practitioners." Kyle Krull, President of Integrity Marketing Solutions (IMS), a marketing and practice development firm serving trusts and estates attorneys.

WealthCounsel also hosts the WealthCounsel Study Group and a complete estate-planning curriculum for attorneys. For more information about WealthCounsel, LLC visit their website or contact them by phone at (888)659-4069 ext 2.

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