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Connect2A Forms Strategic Alliance with The National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys (NNEPA) and QA3 Financial Corporation to Increase Office Efficiency and Enhance Relationships.

Indianapolis, IN, December 16, 2002 -, LLC announces a strategic alliance with The National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys (NNEPA), and QA3 Financial Corporation, members of the Quantum Alliance family of companies. The alliance will enable data from the Connect2A Service, a customizable online personal information form and data manager, to integrate with CounselWare and other NNEPA and QA3 provided software.

The alliance will allow the companies to jointly market the Connect2A service to over 1,000 NNEPA attorneys and QA3 financial advisors across the country. Connect2A will provide NNEPA attorneys and QA3 financial advisors with 30 or 60-day free trials and special pricing.

The alliance provides NNEPA attorneys and QA3 financial advisors the opportunity to integrate the Connect2A service in their practices. The service features a customizable online electronic personal information form and electronic data manager. NNEPA attorneys and QA3 financial advisors use the service to increase office efficiency and enhance relationships. The form allows a client to enter online personal and financial data. The NNEPA attorney and/or QA3 financial advisor can then export the data to popular desktop software solutions used in the planning stage of a client's financial and/or estate plan. By collecting data and creating the export, Connect2A increases office efficiency by eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. The attorney and/or advisors also use the Connect2A Service to, with the client's permission, share the data with each other, track ownership and beneficiary designations and track and update a client's personal information and total net worth.

"We are very excited to announce formation of our alliance with both the NNEPA and QA3 Financial Corp. The NNEPA is one of the oldest and most respected estate planning associations in the country. This alliance is a break through for us, as we increase the capabilities and professional collaboration of the Connect2A Service. Connect2A was designed with the philosophies of life long service to clients and professional collaboration that the NNEPA and QA3 are committed to. With the NNEPA and QA3 alliance, we have added several products, services, and members to Connect2A that will further increase office efficiency and professional collaboration in the financial and estate planning process." Brian A. Eagle, J.D., CEO of, LLC and managing attorney of the Indianapolis office of the law firm Eagle & Fein.

David Cahoone, President of NNEPA commented, "With Connect2A, we are able to offer our members an online personal information form and data manager that connects our members with each other and member supplied products and services. This allows our attorneys to harness the power of the internet and increase their office efficiency during the planning, lifetime maintenance, and after-death administration of their client's estate plans. Connect2A is the perfect tool for all of our NNEPA members to collaborate with each other and their financial planning colleagues."

"Connect2A provides the tool for our financial professionals to form powerful networks of CPA's, estate planning attorneys, and financial professionals to support each other in crafting comprehensive wealth plans for their clients," added Ted Lange, President of QA3 Financial Corporation.

About, LLC, LLC is a technology company that specializes in electronic storage, sharing, tracking, and transmission of data to increase office efficiencies and enhance relationships in the financial service industry. was founded in August, 2000, by Sidney Eagle, J.D., Brian A. Eagle, J.D., and David B. Stocker, CFP.

Sidney Eagle and Brian A. Eagle are the managing attorneys for the law firm Eagle & Fein, with offices in Indianapolis and New York City. They are fellows of the Esperti Peterson Institute, members of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, the WealthCounsel National Study Group, and Adjunct Professors of The Academy of Multidisciplinary Practice at Michigan State University. They are also co-authors of the highly acclaimed books, Legacy, Plan, Protect & Preserve Your Estate, 1996, Esperti Peterson Institute, Generations, December 1998, Esperti Peterson Institute, and Strictly Business, January 2002, Esperti Peterson.

David B. Stocker is president of Wealth Strategies, Inc. with offices in Muncie and Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a member of the advisory board for the Entrepreneurial Studies Program at Ball State University and co-author of Wealth Enhancement & Preservation, 2nd ed., Esperti Peterson Institute and 21st Century Wealth, Quantum Press, LLC.

About the NNEPA

The National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys is a single-source provider of education and information services, products, and practical tools, to estate and business planning attorneys. As a leader in this industry, NNEPA empowers Estate and Business Planning Professionals to provide superior client service while building prosperous and satisfying professional careers.

The National Network is a cooperative alliance of nationally recognized estate and business planning attorneys from across the country. Together they provide one another with the support and tools needed to serve their clients better while building highly successful and rewarding practices.

Founded by leading educators and estate planning experts Robert A. Esperti, Esq. and Renno L. Peterson, Esq., the National Network is the culmination of over four decades of practical experience.

About QA3 Financial Corporation

QA3 Financial Corp. is a truly unique wealth management company with an unparalleled commitment to professional collaboration and practice development.

What makes QA3 distinctly different is the company's philosophy of collaborative financial planning. QA3 believes that clients are best served when three professional advisors - an attorney, CPA, and financial advisor - all work together. The company's vision is to perfect the way the world plans by creating a network of highly educated financial advisors, estate planning attorneys, and CPAs who support one another in crafting comprehensive wealth plans to enhance the clients' financial well being.

QA3 has developed turn-key programs designed to make it as easy as possible for CPAs, attorneys, and financial institutions to partner with a registered representative to provide financial/investment services.

Jim VanBuskirk, Vice President of Marketing, LLC

Dan Stuenzi, Member Development Director
National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys

Doug Durrie, VP of Professional Growth Strategies
QA3 Financial Corp.

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