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Strategic Alliance Program is enhancing our marketing efforts by working together with Strategic Alliance Partners. The Strategic Alliance Program is a fit for anyone who works with or supplies products to Accountants, Attorneys, or Financial Advisors. Our service will enhance your relationship with your existing customers, brokers, members, or clients ("affiliates"), enhance your product for potential affiliates, and enhance your revenue.

By entering into a Strategic Alliance Agreement with your logo will appear within our application (after the initial login) for the members that you sponsor. This creates top of mind awareness among your affiliates and further enhances your relationship with them. Please Contact Us for more information on our Strategic Alliance Program.

The Strategic Alliance Program Includes:

· Your Logo within our Application – We will place a stationary Banner with your logo in the upper right corner of our Application - "Sponsored By Your Organization." The Logo will appear for every Member of that lists your organization as their Sponsorship Code when they sign up for our membership services. Your logo will appear on each page the Member views within our application and will be the "advertisement" that the member will see. The logo can be linked to your web site. Additionally, on your web site, a logo can be placed that will link the Member to our login page.

Example: Sponsorship Logo

· Provide a Revenue Source for your Organization - A percentage of the membership fee will be paid to you for each of your affiliates who sign up under your sponsorship code as they apply for membership to Connect2A.Com. You can keep this as a revenue source for your organization or apply it as a Discount for your affiliates membership fee as an added incentive for them to become a member of under your sponsorship code.

· Provide an Internet Data entry site for your Products – For software suppliers to affiliates or broker/dealers, can be your Internet data entry site. Financial Data, including pricing information and transactions (initially only certain transactions will be automatically tracked) will be updated daily. We are designing export/import layouts for each of our members’ desktop applications and can auto-populate forms for your organization. We can work with your staff to design a layout that your product will be able to easily import through your standard import process or use your API (Application Programming Interface).
Example: Download Menu

· Use of our Logo in Your Marketing Material and "Sponsor of Connect2A.Com" or "Strategic Alliance Partner of Connect2A.Com."

· Listing as a Strategic Alliance Partner on our Website.

· We can Help you Market our Service to your Affiliates with Marketing Material Approved By You – We can provide you a revenue source with minimal effort on your part. We will be responsible for marketing our service to your affiliates. We will provide letters of introduction to our services for your signature and on your letterhead, special promotions, e-mail brochures, PowerPoint Presentations, and provide online tutorials to explain all of the features and benefits of membership services to your affiliates.

Sponsorship Code

As you sign up for our Strategic Alliance Program, you will be assigned a sponsorship code – As your affiliates sign up for membership services they will need to enter your Sponsorship Code. Once your affiliate signs up for services under your Sponsorship Code, your organization will be their only sponsor as long as they remain on your Sponsorship Code.

What your Organization will do:

Work closely together with our Technical Department to design the export/import features or provide us with your API (Application Programming Interface) for your software/application, if applicable.

Provide us with timely approval of our joint marketing material.

Provide us with a list of your affiliates, including fax and e-mail address, so we can work on your behalf, or send the marketing material yourself.

Remain in the Strategic Alliance Program as a member in good standing.

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